Our Lady of Sorrows

Mass Schedule

5:00 pm Our Lady of Sorrows
9:30 am Our Lady of Sorrows
10:00 am Our Lady of Sorrows


Address: 116 John Street, S
Aylmer ON
N5H 2C4
Phone: 519-773-8582

Office Hours:
Wednesdays9:00 am - 4:00 pm

The History of Our Lady of Sorrows

Although Fr. Joseph Baryard, of St. Thomas, is said to have celebrated the first Sunday Mass in Aylmer on 18 January 1901, the town is listed as one of the stations of Holy Angels by 1866. By 1904, a Mass was held in Aylmer about once every two months, sometimes on Sundays. On 12 July 1939, Bishop Kidd appointed Fr. Simon E White as pastor of the new parish of Our Lady of Sorrows. On 4 September 1939, a lot was purchased from Mrs. McConnell, and the house on the lot became the rectory. The first sod for the church was turned, on 14 November 1939, and Bishop Kidd laid the cornerstone on 10 December 1939. The first Mass in the new basement church was celebrated on 14 January 1940. The official opening was held on 21 July 1940.
Forty-three families had attended the first Mass in January 1940, and ten years later the number of families in the parish had swelled to 350. In January 1951, Father White announced a campaign to build a church on the foundations of the basement church.
The Greek inscription in gold leaf frieze that translates as “Glory to God in the highest and peace to men who seek His favour,” on the front of the main altar, was suggested by Fr. Charles T McManus, the pastor (1972-81) The brass chandelier was made in the Netherlands, and the Crucifixion scene behind the altar was carved near Milan, Italy.