Family of Parishes


Recognizing the need to develop a new model of parish organization that will provide for many less priests serving in parishes in the next decade, the Diocesen Task Force introduced a model that is similar to what is being done in other dioceses in Canada and the United States.

In this model, several parishes are grouped together.  The publication of the diocesan model was distributed in our family of parishes June 2015. The Diocese website link: Here

Our Family of Parishes currently consists of Holy Angels’, St. Anne’s and Our Lady of Sorrows.

The Families of Parishes Bulletin insert can be found here




Mass Schedule

4:30 pm St. Anne's
5:00 pm Our Lady of Sorrows
9:00 am Holy Angels'
9:30 am Our Lady of Sorrows
11:00 am St. Anne's
1:30 pm Holy Angels' (Latin)
7:00 pm Holy Angels'
7:00 pm Holy Angels'
8:00 am St. Anne's
8:00 am St. Anne's
10:00 am Our Lady of Sorrows
12:00 pm Holy Angels'
9:15 am St. Anne's
12:00 pm Holy Angels'
8:00 am St. Anne's
12:00 pm Holy Angels'